How Much Does A House Construction Cost In The Philippines?

Our cost “per square meter” pricing scheme, which currently starts at ₱25,000, is a definitive figure competitively based on prevailing cost of construction in the Philippines and our extensive experience of building relatively similar residential projects. We use it in initial client presentations for reference purposes, but the determination of the final project cost still entails a detailed cost analysis based on some factors like: total floor area, material and finish specifications (which can be from the most basic to the outright luxurious), lot location and topography, and time frame – a house can be done faster with more manpower, but this adds to the cost.

Confidently, we assure you that when we build your home, the projected cost of the construction is fairly accurate because our cost estimate is based on correct “value engineering” principles. We are able to work on your budget by coming up with the best alternative materials and methods without sacrificing quality. So, just tell us how much you are willing to invest and we can start from there.

Terms Of Payment

With budget in mind, the house plans are designed and drawn, technical specifications and bill of materials are prepared and the final project cost is reached. When all parties are agreeable, an Agreement of Construction contract is executed and building permits are secured; the construction phase will begin consequently.

We at Builders Philippines do everything we can to make this whole process stress-free by offering clients upfront computations and being open about processes and potential budgetary risks. Some outright costs are house design fees and processing fees for building permits.

Payment terms basically goes this way: upon signing of the construction contract, we ask for ten percent (10%) initial payment to close the deal. When the Building Permits are released, the twenty percent (20%) down payment is settled to finally start with the actual house construction. The balance will be paid through a monthly progress billing scheme.

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How can we assure you that your custom home is built to schedule and within budget?

Philippine Borines Builders commits itself to completing projects on time and to never go over budget. We do this by preparing all purchase orders based on the bill of materials immediately after the signing of the construction contract, before the actual construction even begins. This puts us away from possible price escalation of materials during the construction phase, which is usually the reason why other contractors go beyond the contracted project cost.

For more information please refer to our AutoCAD Architectural Drafting Services page.


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