Builders Philippines: AutoCAD Architectural Drafting Services

Our services include providing a full set of architectural drawings such as permit drawings, installation drawings, and construction drawings, and or built drawings. We provide architectural CAD services for all types of buildings ranging from residential to commercial, as well as industrial. We can assist you from the conceptual design phase and the construction phase, to post construction phase of the project.

2D/3D Drafting Project Cost List

Bungalow / Single-storey - Php 60,000.00 + 12%VAT
2-storey residence - Php 75,000.00 + 12%VAT
3-storey residence, 2-storey with deck/attic/mezzanine - Php 90,000.00 min. + 12%VAT
4-storey residence/commercial - Php 100,000.00 min. + 12%VAT (depending on floor area)

But of course, Builders Philippines is a One-stop design-build company. So for more information regarding the pricing for our complete construction (from design to turn-over) services, please refer to our House Construction Cost page.

Inclusive of these packages are:

- Architectural/Civil Plans, in tracing paper and 7 sets of blueprint, signed and sealed
- Structural Plans,in tracing paper and 7 sets of blueprint, signed and sealed
- Structural design and analysis (for 2-storey and up), signed and sealed
- Electrical Plans,in tracing paper and 7 sets of blueprint, signed and sealed
- Plumbing and Sanitary Plans, in tracing paper and 7 sets of blueprint, signed and sealed
- 2D/3D design perspective of exterior
- Bill of Materials, signed and sealed
- Specications, signed and sealed
- Mechanical Plans for commercial projects(if applicable), signed and sealed

The process is simple.

Simply ask for a Quotation for your House Type and Design. ( e.g. Two Storey, 250 sqm, Zen Type, Cavite )

Once we agree on the price and after project is awarded. Kindly send us the design (sketched plans and elevations with complete dimensions) and a scanned copy of your title via email. We will fit the floor plan on your lot area, and make some adjustments. The design will be sent via email and returned with corresponding comments and suggestions by the client. We will continually revise the scehemes until we arrive at a final design. Once confirmed and all designs are acceptable, we will print the Building Plans on 20" x 30" Blue Print size paper (signed and sealed), Bill of materials, and technical specifications. You then can personally or through a representative pick up the plans in our office in Las Pinas. For convenience, we may also send all these documents to your via LBC with no hassle.

TERMS OF PAYMENT (for CAD drafting and/or rendering services)

1. 50% Initial down payment - upon signing of contract
2. 50% Final payment - upon release of completed documents/drawings

We also offer drafting on per sheet basis:

CAD Encoding (all details to be provided by client) -Php 2,000.00 /sheet (20"x30"), w/out plotting
Design and CAD Drafting (with architectural design development) - 3,500.00 /sheet (20"x30"), w/out plotting
Lot Plan Encoding, signed and sealed - Php 4,500.00 with plotting

Design Presentations and Perspectives:
3D Exterior Design Perspective - Php 5,000.00 - P6,000.00 /view
Interior Perspectives - Php 5,000.00 /view

Signed and Sealed Plans (depends on project size and complexity)
Architectural/Civil - Php 1,000.00, minimum
Structural Engineer - Php 2,000.00, minimum
Electrical Engineer - Php 2,000.00, minimum
Master Plumber / Sanitary Engineer - Php 2,000.00, minimum
Mechanical Engineer - Php 2,000.00, minimum

We are Experienced professional drafters provide quality architectural drafting services for all of your design and planning needs. Our firm delivers superior work for a wide range of clients in the architectural, construction, and residential building industries.

As a CAD outsourcing services provider, our value proposition includes the fact that our Architects, Design Engineers, and Draftsmen are University Graduates and are Licensed Professionals in the Philippines.

Architectural drawing or architect's drawing is a technical drawing of a building (or building project) that falls within the definition of architecture. Architectural drawings are used by architects and others for a number of purposes: to develop a design idea into a coherent proposal, to communicate ideas and concepts, to convince clients of the merits of a design, to enable a building contractor to construct it, as a record of the completed work, and to make a record of a building that already exists. Architectural drawings are drawn according to a set of conventions, which include particular views (floor plan, section etc.), sheet sizes, units of measurement and scales, annotation and cross referencing.


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IMPORTANT: Our niche is the medium to high-end residential clients and we only accept projects with a minimum cost of ₱5million.